Venue Sourcing

A vast selection of outstanding locations at your fingertips! Based on your specific requirements, we will be able to suggest viable options within our current network, as well as source new ones where needed. We have experts on the ground that will perform site inspections and provide photos, floorplans, and negotiate pricing with local vendors. Our team will help you find the perfect fit for any type of event – large or small, near or far.

We follow a stringent selection process to ensure the locations we offer to clients are of the highest quality and in welcoming environments. Computer labs and classrooms for training events are outfitted with latest technology and equipment. Large halls and conference rooms for seminars and meetings can be adapted for a custom look and feel. Extra services and amenities can also be arranged to guarantee students and attendees an optimal experience.

What GCLR Can Do

  • Give you access to thousands of locations worldwide
  • Source new locations not currently in the GCLR network
  • Perform detailed site inspections providing photos and floorplans
  • Negotiate vendor pricing on your behalf
  • Assist with customization of event space

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